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Hanging Back Tab Curtains

Tab curtains – Back the curtains tab has fabric loops sewn along the best backs. The appearance is clean and slightly customized, but it is less structured than curled curtains and drapes. The top edge seems straight, but not stiff. The tabs that are hidden when you hang the curtains cause the fabric to fall in soft folds. Since the rod will show when you open the curtains tab, choose a decorative curtain bar instead of a white version of the tool.

Tab Curtains Blue

Tab Curtains Blue


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Image of: Tab Curtains Large
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Image of: Tab Curtains Panel
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Image of: Tab Curtains Set
Image of: Tab Curtains Brown

Lay one of your curtain panels for facades downwards. Measure down from the top of a tab to the bottom of the panel; the tab curtains are always with curtains’ tops. Place the tape measure next to Window’s left side, just outside the frame, so the projection board does not get in the way. Measure from the place where you want your curtain to fall – floor, apron or window – to the length you measured. Fit the router consoles that the manufacturer instructs. Place them so that the top of the bar lines with your pencil marks.

Remove the left end of the rod from its bracket. With the decorative side of the tab curtains towards you, pull the rod through all but the last tab in the left curtain panel. Place the end of the rod back on or in its bracket. Pull the tab loose the entire front of the bracket and slide it over the end of the rod. Screw the finial at the end of the rod. Repeat with the right end of the bar and right the curtain panel. Slide down the hand curtains under each tab to straighten out fabric creases.

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