72 Inch Round Dining Table Ideas

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72 Inch Round Dining Table By Hooker Furniture

A relatively large dining table which ideal for larger gatherings, like a large dinner party or a wedding is 72 inch round dining table. If you would like to add a square to the table for decorative purposes or to add a table up to it, you can use several different square sizes to achieve the desired look.

Some square size which can fit on top of a 72 inch round dining table: the first, a 72-inch square can cover your table of 72 inches altogether if you want to convert your round table to a square table.

Second, a square of 36 inches is the largest square you can fit on your round table 72-inch borderless the protruding round table. Then, a 24-inch square will provide a 72-inch round table with a large square in the middle that is noticeable, but will not dominate the space.

Besides it, an 18-inch square occupies half the space that the largest square possible for a round table of 72 inches occupies. The last square size which can fit on top of a 72 inch round dining table is a 9 inch square provides a discreet addition to a table.

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