Attractive Accent For Mantel Shelves

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Modern Mantel Shelves

Mantel shelves come in a variety of styles and can be an attractive accent for one of the most classic of the focal points, the fireplace in the house. Design your own mantel to fit your particular fireplace is a great way to make sure you have an attractive and convenient way to display the objects and works of art in your home to match your decor and style fireplace. The most notable section of any mantelpiece is the front part, which is also the most customizable of any proposed shelf design.

Cut four pieces of wood to a slightly longer than the width of your fireplace measure. Place these parts together in a box shape using wood screws, drilling holes beforehand with a slightly smaller diameter drill screws. One of the pieces must be recessed about 1/2 inches into the box rather than flush with the edges of other parts; this will serve as the back of the platform where the supports are installed mantel shelves.  Cut two pieces of wood that can cover the ends of the platform and attach them to the ends of the platform using wood screws, drill holes first. Attach the brackets floating shelf in the back of the platform, using at least one support bracket for each 2 feet of the platform.

Cut a piece of wood that is the same size or larger than the front of the platform and carve decoratively using the carving knife. If you wish, you can curve the front surface with a power sander or other tools. Arena this entire front section until its front surface is smooth and the front corners are soft and rounded.  Attach the front of the platform using wood glue, allowing plenty of time to dry before continuing work on the mantel shelves. Sand all remaining corners so that the platform is smooth.  Clean the platform to remove any excess sawdust and apply a coat of stain or paint smooth, even coats along the grain of the wood. Take enough time for the first coat to dry, and then add a second coat and a final coat of sealer time.

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