Attractive Wall Mounted Shelving For Small Or Large Space

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Wood, glass, metalized … there is a wide range of materials with which to build wall mounted shelving. Almost as many as possibilities offered as a decoration because shelves can be much more than a piece of furniture on which to place objects.

Wall mounted shelving can help showcase their collections or works of art without taking up valuable space. Because it can be placed anywhere that provides a mounting surface, wall shelves make possibilities endless for decoration. You may want to outline its planned disposal before starting to hang their shelves. That way you can try several options before drilling holes in your walls.

If you have a room that feels dark and closed in, adding solid wall shelves can make you feel disorganized or even darker. In this case, use glass shelves to allow light to shine through shelves. White, yellow, or light blue rope lights (also known as Christmas tree lights) through shelves to add extra shine

Hang several wall mounted shelving of same style but different lengths and depths on same wall. Vary heights and spacing between them for a random look, or keep it symmetrical for a more organized appearance. Try a radiation pattern with longest shelf on shelves of medium and smaller surrounding it, their centers aligned along a diagonal that crosses through center of longest platform. You can also mix different colors of same style platform for a contemporary look: white, black try and shelves painted red or cherry, walnut, and delete stained wooden shelves.

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