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Bamboo Shelves Vintage

Bamboo shelves – now we have taught occasionally as some bamboo furniture designed and manufactured by Gouge. Today we collect some of them in this post to show you the many possibilities offered by this fantastic material with which we can make furniture that combines design and quality.

Bamboo is a material having a high hardness, strength and stability even surpassed even some of the best wood, we can make a bamboo shelves with bamboo. He comes from a very fast growing grass making it a very sustainable material and excellent value for money. In addition, their aesthetic qualities and their natural or roasted tone make it very easy to combine with other materials, adapting to any style and creating warm and pleasant surroundings.

Another option for making furniture as bamboo shelves or DM boards are veneered bamboo in this case would be necessary if the edges edging boards and even for furniture in different wood finishes these boards are often the most used, in the case of Bamboo, thanks to its stability and value, the solid boards are the most recommended option. If we get a different tone to the tone of bamboo own we can always choose to apply a varnish with dye to achieve the desired color even in Gouge shop usually advise using transparent varnishes that enhance the natural beauty of the material itself.

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