Be Creative With Cube Shelves

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Black Cube Shelves

Cube shelves are small enough to fit in most spaces. They can be grouped together or hang separately, giving you that extra space right where you need it most. Cubes shelves come in a variety of sizes and colors, giving decorate several options. Hanging shelves is a simple matter of following instructions that come with shelves. How to organize in wall is a creative issue.

Shelves are simple cube with an open face. Hang using accompanying hardware. How to fix it is a matter of personal taste? You can simply hang them as individual cubes scattered on a wall or walls of a room. In their dispersion, it is possible that they uniformly spaced at same height or different heights.

You can hang cube shelves in groups together, side by side, creating a mini library wall. In grouping, you can cluster them in a line side by side vertically or horizontally. Or in a larger three rows of three cubes each nine full square cubes cluster.

Be creative in way they cluster. You should not be limited to lines and squares. You can create pyramid of cube shelves with three at bottom, two above and one on top. Or form a diagonal line with their buckets, each playing only at corners. Or turn their buckets in a corner and hang like diamonds rather than squares. You can still store books with this orientation, but you will not be able to store figurines and other objects. If guide cubes o’clock, four can be grouped together for even greater diamond.

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