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Wine storage is important when you buy expensive wines and hope to save them for over a month. Historically, the wines are stored in warehouses where the average temperature is 50-60 degrees, according to the extent of Purdue University. Basements are usually dark and undisturbed and are often cool, all of which are contributing factors to a good wine storage. Configure strong basement shelving for your wine bottles to rest. Choose the shelf will not be corroded by moisture in the basement, as thick wood or plastic coated wire shelves. Plan for a shelf that is 12 centimeters deep for wine bottles can lie on their sides.

Find a place in the basement shelving where the platform can be away from devices that radiate heat, such as a water heater or clothes dryer. Look for a wall, where the wine can mature without interruption of heat or light, away from windows and electric lighting. Find a corner where brick or stone foundation cooler soil temperatures for wine bottles will move. Check the temperature of your basement. Some homes in warmer climates may be at temperatures above 60 or 70 degrees, which may feel cold on the skin, but are too hot for long-term preservation. Consider adding an air conditioner in space for temperatures in a safe range, or a fan if the temperature falls below 45 degrees.

Anchor basement shelving that there is no possibility of tipping when the shelves are filled with wine. L-brackets with wall anchors are usually sufficient to hold the shelves to the wall, but also can ensure them to the ceiling with L-brackets if you have wooden beams. Microclimate makes a dark closet hanging a heavy curtain around the storage area. Screw hooks on the ceiling and facilities curtain rods or pins on the hooks. Put the curtain on the pins or rods and straighten to reach from the ceiling to the floor.

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