Big Advantages Of Halogen Floor Lamp

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Black Steel Halogen Floor Lamp

Halogen floor lamp – The lamps or halogen bulbs are a more feasible option for any home. Your pocket will end up noticing and positive. It originated in 1959, when US engineers investigated a source of light that contributed more intensity with lower power consumption. The structure of the halogen lamp is very similar to that of ordinary incandescent, with glass tube, tungsten filament. And halogen gas and external connections. The most common forms of halogen lamps are capsule, reflective dichroic or linear.

Before evaluating the option of these lamps you should know the advantages that bring you. They can emit a light 30% brighter and white, without needing less power. Halogen floor lamp are smaller in size . They are more efficient and consume less energy . With the passage of the hours they are not losing intensity since the vapors of tungsten do not black the glass envelope

Halogen floor lamp last much longer . You should also contemplate the various disadvantages they have as the great heat they can release. The emission of ultraviolet radiation next to the white light. It is not recommend if we intend to use as a reading lamp. You have to evaluate all these aspects at the time of decantarte by one option or another.

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