Build A Bench With Storage Baskets

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White Bench With Storage Baskets

The bench with storage baskets which you can build, is perfect for sorting and storage. You can have it standing in the kitchen, hallway or a third place where you lack storage space and a place to sit. The bench can be tailored to suit your needs. Read more instructions for how to do.

The bench is useful and practical

The bench with storage baskets are tailored with a lid. You build it to the kitchen, you can sort newspapers, advertisements, bottles and the like under the lid. In the entrance to the bench as hiding place for extra footwear, hats, mittens or another, often providing mess, and it’s great to have a place where you can sit and lace up shoes.

How to do it Build Bench with Storage Baskets

Start by unscrewing the back plate, 5 cm up on the front and back. Then screw the sides stuck in the bottom plate, front and back. It is nicest if you countersink the screw holes and then filled them where they can be seen. Measure out – evenly spaced – where the interior walls to sit. Screw them firmly in bottom, front and back. Unscrew the three hinge in doors and in the 2 m long plate. The plate is mounted on the back and sides. Then unscrew the lids firmly on the bench with storage baskets back. Finally, cut the socket and mounted. We painted white bench and found black cushions that suited the checkerboard floor.

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