Build A Corner Bathroom Shelf In A Tile

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Teak Corner Bathroom Shelf

Corner bathroom shelf – Building a corner bathroom shelf in a tile shower too complicated or too expensive. The simplest and most sustainable way to install a tile shelf in a shower is to install it while tiling of the rest of the wall. These include the shelf into the wall, making it a solid support system waterproof and permanent. This method makes use of standard tools which are necessary to build the rest of your tile shower wall, and a pre-cut corner tile board.

Install the wall tiles up to the height of your board. The first plank to sit on top of the last row of tiles around the height of your waist. Mix the thinnest mortar according to direction. Apply a thin layer of thinnest mortar to the base in the corner with the trowel. The board will sit in the last row of tiles in the corner of your shower. Put half the tile corner bathroom shelf in the last row of tiles in the corner with the finished side facing up.

Prepare to fit the wall tiles around the new board. Continue to tile the rest of the shower until the tiles reach the corner bathroom shelf. Place the last full tile before the corner and the new board. Cut the corner wall tile. Wear safety goggles and place the tile on the wall electric tile cutter. Hold the tile firmly and give it gently into the blade of the knife. Make up to the short-cut before the end of the wall tile with the longer cut.

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