Build A Shadow Box Coffee Table

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Shadow Box Coffee Table

It’s generally decent to have a bit of furniture in the house that shows off your style sense. One bit of furniture that can truly do this is a shadow box coffee table, which shows your individual keepsakes under a defensive layer of glass.

Make one pass with the four bits of MDF that are 2 inches wide. Contingent upon the width of the sharpened steel, you may need to slide the wall more than a little and make an alternate pass. Place the tabletop material on the shadow box coffee table. Drill countersink openings on these imprints. Place the majority of the 3 1/2-inch material on the table. Drill two countersink openings on both finishes of the more extended pieces.

Apply paste to within the line around the edge of the base of the table, set the casing on the imprints and the paste and secure it to the shadow box coffee table with the drywall screws. Secure these together with the drywall screws. Place the edge on top of the table and secure it from underneath through the countersink gaps. Place the sought items to be shown in the shadow boxes, slide glass into spot and secure the last piece.

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