Build Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

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Top Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Cast iron shelf brackets make it easy to add racks to each room of a house. They are ideal for utility rooms where appearance is less important than the function. Often they are used in basements, utility rooms, garages, laundry rooms and mudrooms. Home improvement stores sell them in different colors, sizes and styles. They are also sold as part of a kit that the brackets, shelves, screws, anchors and chains contain in one package for convenience of construction.

Determine the span necessary to fill the brackets for the entire rack she loves. For each stretch more than three meters, adds an extra bracket for every additional 3 feet. Look for a stud to. Ideally mounting brackets in all studs for the best traction and load capacity. This is not always possible, so that two cast iron shelf brackets, try to confirm at least one in a nail during use Plasterboard plugs the other. Make a pencil mark at the top of which the first installment must be placed. Keep it over the wall at this point, with a 2-mouth-level lying against the vertical.

Place the next bracket over the mounting location and make a mark on the wall. Measure the distance from the top of the first bracket to the ceiling, and the same distance from the ceiling near the figure for the next container. Attach hangers to lift the cast iron shelf brackets and a board over them equal space on each side of the end hangers for the best balance.

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