Build A Trestle Dining Table

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Trestle Dining Table

Trestle dining table are a design, popular permanent table since the Middle Ages. Trestles designs can be either package-away that are brought out when needed, as the trestle table and basic construction, or a fixed table. Measure the material and then cut along the lines with a saw so that the wood piece has two angled ends.

The ends of the boards for trestle dining table 30 inches should be flush with the long edges of the boards in angle and the outer sides of the plates 30 inches should be right at the end of the short sides of the planks at an angle where the end begins angle. Place the two planks in remaining angle on top of the boards of 30 congruent with one of the planks at an angle and connected inches.

Three drill holes through the board at an angle on top of the legs at the end of the couch trestle dining table 60 inches and secure in place with 2 screws half-inch. Insert a dowel pin in each hole and mark the top of the dowel with a generous amount of chalk. Center table 36 by 72 inches on the legs and stretchers and placed gently on top of the pins.

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