Building A Liquor Shelves

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Rustic Liquor Shelves

A liquor shelves is not only a means to store your drink, but it’s also an easy way to keep it out of reach of young children. To build your own liquor shelves, all you need is a few sheets of plywood and some wood screws. Once you have prepared a sketch of your design, the construction process is fairly simple. When you have finished framing your closet, you can choose to leave it standing or mount it on the wall in your home.

Building a liquor shelves, Make a sketch of your beverage storage shelves design on a sheet of paper. Decide how many shelves you want to install in your closet and determine the interval at which you plan to install them.In order to determine shelf heights, refer to the level of the liquor bottles in your collection.

Measure the dimensions of the space you are planning to fill your liquor shelves using a tape measure. Use a circular saw with two strips of 1/2 inch pine cut to the desired length and depth of your liquor storage shelves. Install the four pieces of pine you just cut into a rectangular shape, placing the signs up on their longest narrow edges. Cut another sheet of 1/2 inch pine to the length and height dimensions of your liquor shelves.

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