Butcher Block Tables Are Very Durable In A Kitchen

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Butcher Block Tables With Drawer

A work of remodeling your kitchen is required to make dozens of decisions about materials, design to be used in the room. From the kitchen cabinets to cover materials, you can select colors and design style that best suits your taste. Butcher block tables offer a natural and warm style that fits with traditional decor or country. Hardwoods like maple create a durable surface for preparing food in the kitchen. The surface hardwood provides a solid surface while remaining soft enough to avoid interference with kitchen knives. The water and spills can damage a wood surface if not cleaned immediately. Do not install wood butcher block tables around the sink area to prevent damage. The material may also dent and burn easily.

Repairs to wooden countertops are much easier than in other materials. When butcher block tables surface is scratched, burned, it may resurface wood by sanding and resealing the counters. While wood can scratch and damage, the replacement is not obligated to renew the look of countertops. Mild soap and water is all that is necessary to clean a butcher block countertop. Mineral oil can seal a natural finish butcher block counter blocking entry of moisture from the wood pores.

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