Clever Ways To Organize With Towel Shelf

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Standing Towel Shelf

There are different types of racks for storing towels. Towel shelf with rails can be used to make folded towels or can hang over rails. A rack of hanging rails from below also has space to hang your towels. A rack with multiple levels can be set on wall near tub or shower, giving you convenience of having fresh towels when needed. One rod mounted on wall is a coat that gives you another place to put a couple of towels. You can add as many rods as needed.

Put towel shelf in any empty space in your bathroom wall. Space above toilet is an unused area that can be ideal for storing towels. Build them directly into wall. Adjustable shelves come into a wall, so you can modify them as you like. If there is room, put them behind doors to store towels. Vertical space above doors or windows can also accommodate shelves. Put a basket or container on shelf and put towels inside.

With these ideas, you should appreciate importance of having an ideal place to put towels in your bathroom cabinet. Towel shelf come in any style, modern, vintage, and alternative styles Minimalist for you to choose one that stick to your personality and tastes.

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