Corner Closet Shelves Design

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Simple Corner Closet Shelves Design

Corner closet shelves – When designing or reorganizing closet space is a good idea to determine the most common measurements for the shelves in a closet. This helps you determine what items can go where and how many shelves you need to complete the cabinet design. Although not all boards meet these guidelines, there are some general rules that are used by large cabinet racks manufacturers.

One of the most standardized racks measurements is in height. Shelves in a box can hold many items, from clothing to sports equipment to knickknacks. Most of the odds and ends are kept in boxes that go on the floor of the cabinet. Therefore, the first corner closet shelves are usually installed anywhere from 16 to 20 cm from the floor sufficient space for storage box.

The top corner closet shelves are usually 48, 68 or 83 cm from the floor, when hanging clothes underneath. The top shelf is usually hung three centimeters above the closet rod. So, if the closet rod is suspended at 45 centimeters – a good height for a man’s suit – the shelf is placed at 48 centimeters. For long clothing such as dresses and jackets, the shelves start immediately above the closet rod by 60-65 centimeters.

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