Creating A Wood Shelving Units

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Pretty Wood Shelving Units

Creating wood shelving units for your CD, DVD and VHS collections is a cost effective method for organizing and storage. By measuring and building shelves carefully tailored to fit its collection can fall into a gap between the door and the window or on either side of your TV. It means an organized bookshelf lets you keep track of your media and encouraged his family to put the items back into the right cases and shelves.┬áMeasure the space where the shelves of the media will be installed. For purposes of this article, the space is 18 inches wide and 6 meters high. Measure the largest element is stored on the wood shelving units – height and depth. ┬áPlace both 6 feet long boards side by side on a flat surface with the side 8 inches down. In each panel, measuring 1 1/2 inches on both sides. Use a long straight edge as a yardstick, draw two parallel along the length of the board lines.

Measure and mark increments of 2 inches along parallel lines. Draw a line connecting brands through the two tables so that the lines are perfectly matched. Wrap a piece of tape quarter inch from the tip of the drill a quarter inch. Central and drill a quarter inch deep, where each of the vertical and horizontal lines intersect. Turn Tables 6 feet so they face each other, with holes on the inside. Place two joints 16 1/2-inch between the long tables, one on top, butting against the inside edges and even the ends, and one at the bottom.

Run a bead of wood glue on the sides of the box 1 inch. Place the plywood on the box. Aligning the top, bottom and sides, then touch one inch brads through the plywood and edges of the timber. Place the rack and place the unit in its permanent position. Post L bracket on top of the platform, pushing it against the wall. Pre-drill screw holes 1 inch deep on the shelf. Screw the bracket to the platform. Then drive a screw through the bracket and into the wall. Insert needles wood shelving units in the holes, the spacing of the shelves according to the height of your media collection, in 6, 8 or 10 inch intervals. Place shelves on pins.

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