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White Color Shelf Dividers

The shelf dividers are decorative and functional part of a wall. Shelves in the den, living room, office or corridor need decorative dividers that blend with the decor of the room. There are several ways you can break the lines of the books on their shelves. You will need the materials or items strong enough to keep it from tipping books. You can use a database to show the sports collections, stones, pieces of quartz, trophies and dolls, to name a few collectibles. You can make a sturdy wooden divider that combines the room.

Measure the height of the platform that requires a splitter. Measure the collection that will double as a divider and a display piece.  Subtract the height difference. For example, a shelf can be 15 inches from the bottom to the top; a presentation box of a baseball is 6 inches high by 9 inches so you will have to work. Select a weighted base for a candle holder, paper weight flat piece of wood or decorative glass blocks. Ensure that is approximately 4-6 inches tall.  Paint the piece to match your decor. Glue a piece of felt to the bottom of the heavy base you have chosen.  Open a presentation box and put your theme in her collection. You can use double-sided tape to secure the cabinet to the base collection if desired. Place the cabinet in the heavy base and put on the shelf dividers.

Choose decorative wood brackets to match the wood bookcase. There are a variety to choose from. Alternatively, paint or stain the brackets to match the color of your shelves.  Use a spirit level and vertical position of a shelf divider where you want to go among the shelves. Rotate the bottom of the stand and held against the back wall of the shelf. Mark holes drilled in the back plate (if available).  drill where brands are safe and support the Post book shelf with screws. If the shelf dividers are mounted directly on the wall, attach the spacers to the wall bracket. It can drill through the platform and support and fixing screws on top of the platform below for further stability.  Cover the screw heads with wooden plugs to conceal them.

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