Decorate And Keep Clean Crystal Vase

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Crystal Vase Repair

Crystal vase – How to decorate with crystal vase? There are several models of this vase type. Formats, heights, sizes, everything depends on the room where it will be and where it will be supported. A long dresser, for example, can look great with a larger vase. Already a corner table will look beautiful with a thinner and longer model. The crystal vase itself is already a dazzling decoration item. But you can make it even more beautiful by filling it with some object.

There are several types crystal vase that can enhance a vessel: Seasonal fills; as the name says, they are decorations that will be there for a season or even a day. It can be autumn leaves to celebrate the season, floating candles, Christmas candy. Then, Edible Fills; some foods are very beautiful and depending on the place of the pot, they can spruce without fear. And the case of the coffee (which will still exude a wonderful aroma) and the various types of pasta.

And the last is Natural Fills; In addition to the traditional flowers, which seem to gain extra beauty when they are in a crystal vase, you can invest in stuffing it with only petals, lavender, and river stones. How to clean a crystal vase? The crystal vase is usually quite fragile. So when it comes to cleaning you need to be careful. Use warm water and mild detergent for the task. There are even those who suggest adding white vinegar and raw rice to this mixture to aid in cleaning. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a lint-free towel. Crystal vases should not dry in the wind so they do not get stained.

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