Directions For Metal Wire Shelving

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Simple Metal Wire Shelving

Metal wire shelving – directions for metal wire shelving, Clean the closet or area where you stretch the wire installation. Remove all objects from the area and set aside. Perform a stud finder across the wall and mark the location of the tap in the middle of the wall with a pencil. Line-up below the knee slopes in the middle of the wall in the vicinity of the top, so that the hole in the track is coated with the stud mark. Leave enough space for the installation.

A line-up level on the top of the hanger. Directions for metal wire shelving, Adjust to the level and mark the whole locations with a pencil. Drill through the pencil marks, starting with the direct center. Insert a machine screw in the hole in the center of the track. Down two holes and insert the following screw. Move the vertical standards in rail hanger 24 centimeters apart, running down the wall. Set a level on them and make sure they are plumb. Insert a machine screw in the opening provided for that purpose in the bottom of the stand.

Click the brackets into the holes on the standards at the desired location. Repeat this process until all of the standards at all brackets are placed. Cut the metal wire shelving to size with bolt cutters, if necessary, and put it on top of the brackets. Snap the first board in place and install the remaining boards in the same way.

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