DIY Garage Shelf Ideas

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Small Garage Shelf Ideas

Garage shelf ideas – Each garage will become a catch-all location without adequate shelving. The easiest way to create one or more shelves is to use per-made metal shelving brackets. What is useful about this system is that all parts can be purchased in one trip to the store. You can create a large storage system that will hold a lot of weight in less than an hour.

Measure the wall width and height to be used for garage shelf ideas. Sketch a shelf on one end of the garage about 18 cm from the ceiling. Draw three or four planks over a four meter high space starts 2 feet off the floor, as another option. Set specific items or boxes and bins in order to fit on the shelf space in order to decide how many shelves will be installed.

Figure out the materials you need. Use a stud finder to locate studs behind drywall in the garage shelf ideas. Buy pre-made brackets to hold wood planks. Purchase, alternatively, metal strips with rows of slots judged shelves supports click into place. 3-inch metal screws to the metal strips vertical lock four or five bolts along the wall. Drive the screws with an electric screwdriver. Remove junk from the garage near the stretch area. Set aside the items to organize them before placing them back on the garage shelf ideas.

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