DIY Invisible Iron Shelf Brackets

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Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Iron shelf brackets – Mounts invisible shelves are called “floating shelves” in the industries of construction and interior design. These shelves hide media in their internal cavities. It is easier to build a floating platform designed from the ground than usual to place a support to an existing platform. However, it is possible to build a wooden frame for this purpose. In many cases, invisible iron shelf brackets will require a level of precision and experience beyond that of a typical home do it yourself. Measure the inside dimensions of the bag into your existing floating shelf. This is easier if you measure the outer dimensions of the entire platform, and then subtract the visible width of the shelves.

Cut two strips of wood to match the width of the platform using a power saw. Cut two strips to match the depth, less than 1 inch. Use a plane to shave the height of the timber is cut to match the height of the inner pocket of his floating platform. Set the strips in a rectangular plate, with the ends of the strips cutting depth abutting the inside faces of the strips cutting width.

Glue them together with wood glue stain, which held in place with clamps when dried. Enhancing the connection of each strip using a wood screw 1 inch. Drill pilot holes first, using an electric drill to avoid splitting the wood. Insert the finished frame to your existing floating iron shelf brackets to test the setting. You may need to sand or plane to the platform to fine tune the setting.

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