DIY Metal Corner Shelf

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Tall Metal Corner Shelf

Metal corner shelf – Saving tubes, metal stock, pipes and even boards with sturdy metal corner shelf metal rack. A metal rack designed to keep these materials is a basic structure that is made of welded metal stock. These are the simplest types of welding machines to learn how to use and it will allow you to quickly make welding.

To make metal corner shelf, Flat four pieces of 48-inch flat stock, parallel and 10 inches apart. Laying four 48-inch pieces on the top of the four right angles to them. Space these pieces 10 inches apart. The ends of each piece are flush with the side of the piece which is based on it. Welding these pieces together in this position. This is to make end to your metal rack. Repeat this step to build the other end.

Set the end upright, parallel with the exterior surfaces 60 inches apart. Insert four 60-inch-pieces at the ends, one at each pair of corresponding angles so that the ends of these pieces and the ends are flush with the corners. Welding of these pieces at the ends. This is your metal corner shelf. Storage capacity equivalent metal pipes or stock metal pieces on the squares that were created in the first step.

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