How To Draw Tripod Floor Lamp

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Beautiful Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod floor lamp – Turn the floor lamp that has been nothing more than a beautiful conversation piece in a working floor lamp in re-bind it. New wiring a floor lamp takes about 30 minutes for the experienced do-it-yourselfer and about an hour for beginners. The project does not require more than a few simple tools and a little light acquired supplies.

Remove the lampshade and lamp. Separate the metal socket shell from the socket cap by prying them apart with a flat screwdriver. Then, remove the insulating cardboard case and unplug lamp cord from the outlet terminal screws. Untie the underwriter knot and remove the socket cap. Socket cap can simply unscrew or it can be locked in place by a screw that you will need to unload before you can screw the socket cap from the lamp nipple (pipe).

Remove the old thread up through the lamp about a foot. Band 2 inches of insulation from the ends of the lines. Dividing the new lamp cord with razor blade and strip 2 inches of insulation from the ends. Twist stripped ends of the old wire closely with new wire and strip tight. Using old thread, pull the new thread through the tripod floor lamp. Pull through until 6 feet of wire extends from the lamp base.

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