Driftwood Coffee Table Ideas

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Unique Driftwood Coffee Table

The idea is tempting. Make a green driftwood coffee table and a glass plate. Besides being trendy, driftwood sculpted by time and the elements, contains a living. And we appreciate it, because it seems to have a story to tell or keep track of. But also because it is synonymous with sustainable trade, recycling and waste recovery.

With driftwood coffee table, nature adapts more to man, but rather the man who bends to its requirements, sometimes binding. Indeed, the material picked up here and there during walks by the sea or in the forest, can give a hard time with that wants to offer it a second life. However, that’s rough side, natural and aesthetic driftwood that attracts. And that is why we made ​​it more and more space in our interior.

Simple pieces of driftwood collected at the discretion walks by the water’s edge or in the forest transformed into unique driftwood coffee table.

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