Elegance 3 Piece Lamp Sets

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3 Piece Lamp Sets Type

3 piece lamp sets – If you are looking for a uniform light that illuminates the entire room. This proposal is perfect for you. Under the name of Tuareg Lamp, this design presents a multitude of spotlights to be able to cover a wider space of illumination. Composed of a multitude of fluorescent branches. This model is located between functionality and also a design with a lot of personality.

Leaving aside the current minimalist and also modern. Our next proposal tries to reinvent the traditional floor 3 piece lamp sets. Made in wood and with glass screen. This design incorporates a second light source ideal to be able to adapt it to our needs. When lighting a space with ambient light this elegant lamp offers us two very practical alternatives thanks to its two screens located at different heights.

Get all the glamour of the chandeliers at ground level with our next proposal. We all have in our minds the flashes of glass drops characteristic of this type of 3 piece lamp sets. So frequent in old houses. Elegance and also distinction are some of the qualities that transmit these designs that. Then thanks to their crystals, project the light to the whole room. SO, this fantastic design tries to recreate the glass of a tree with a multitude of drops of glass suspended from a metal hoop.

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