Exclusive Bar Hookah Table

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Arabian Hookah Table

Design your hookah table for causing a relaxed atmosphere. Bohemian decor or the Middle East are popular in table hookah bars. Equip your bar with curtains, sofas, bean bags, tables, chairs and art that reinforce your theme. Implements music and warm lighting, Consider implementing entertainment such as live music, a DJ nights singing, belly dancing, poker or video games.

Explore potential sites for your bar hookah table. Looking for high visibility locations with adequate and sufficient ventilation square feet to accommodate large crowds of college age, Hookah smokers tend to gather in groups of three and four. Try to accommodate at least 30 people. Check the utility rates of each location to help you narrow down your choices. Ensures a place with enough square footage to accommodate the additional options you want to provide as a bar, an espresso bar, a coffee or a cigar lounge.

Become a hookah smoker or seeks the advice of someone who is. You need to know what hookahs and shisha offer the best flavor and burn, how each hookah and the best coal to be used smoked. Also, visit classrooms around the region to get ideas about decorating, food, drinks and entertainment to include in your hookah table.

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