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Design Of Cinder Block Shelves

Cinder block shelves are blocks of cement and ash with hollow centers. They are much larger than bricks, which makes them stable and easy to work. Their hollow centers reduce weight while still leaving a strong and stable structure. Concrete blocks are useful for home projects, both indoors and outdoors.

Use cement blocks together to create a temporary unit of cinder block shelves stable inside or outside. If you are using blocks on inside at top of a solid floor, place a rubber mat, thin strip of carpet or other protective material in which to place shelves. Place cinder blocks in protective mat one block spaced about every 3 feet. Place a table that is as wide as blocks on top of first layer. Place second layer of blocks and a second plate. Stack of three or four shelves upright and place a final layer of blocks on top to hold top shelf in place.

When you want to install a cinder block shelves in home, you cannot just drive a nail or screw into wall; you must install a concrete anchor. Concrete anchors consist of a screw inside a sleeve. When anchor is inserted into a pilot hole in wall and bolt is rotated, sleeve expands outward, providing a firm grip against cement block. Use these screws to shelves picture to ensure that platform has a stable base.

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