Glass Shelf Brackets Ideas

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Glass Shelf Brackets Style

Glass shelf brackets are the most refined and sophisticated you can choose to decorate a room, beside the perfect solution to save space, occupying the vertical always untapped walls. Transparency makes almost impalpable, making real stars the ornaments and accessories that occupy: neat piles of books, silver candle holders, hanging baskets and crystal accessories are siphoning walls gently, without making too flashy their presence. Temperate or etched, enameled or natural, glass shelves that are bright detail are conquers the entire room.

A material modern, contemporary, glass goes perfectly with living rooms, bedrooms as well as bathrooms in the same style. Glass shelf brackets lend themselves to design and forms that go beyond the minimalist style of the typical shelf horizontal curves and half-circles, zigzags and broken lines are the stars of glass shelves that break the mold and become the true focal point of the walls , like paintings and prints.

Glass shelf brackets are the furnishings of reference as a base for storage and to keep the house in order, but at the same time should not be underestimated in terms of decoration. Select the brackets colored plastic to give a touch of joy or metal for a perfect combination with stylish furnishings minimal.

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