Homemade Projector Shelf

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Classic Projector Shelf

Projector shelf – Many homeowners use projectors for their home theater systems. Mounting the projector at the desired location on a projector rack provides a better viewing angle, keeping the projector out of the way. Build your own projector rack using materials found at most hardware stores.

Homemade projector shelf, the projector must face a blank wall or screen. Use a stud finder to locate the exact locations of the studs in your ceiling. Measure the distance between each floor joist and stud. Using the distance between each floor beam to determine the length of plywood. Measure the dimensions of the projector. The width of the projector is the width of plywood.

Cut a piece of plywood to the measurements acquired with a table saw. Drill a hole at each mark with a drill bit the same size as the eye bolts. Hold the board at the ceiling at the desired location. Replace the four screw rings in the ceiling at each mark. Wire nuts for each eye bolt to secure the board to the eye bolts. Place the projector on the stand and test the projector for display quality. Adjust the settings on the projector as needed. Run wires through the back of the projector shelf.

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