How Glass Shelves For Bathroom

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Glass Shelves For Bathroom Style

Glass shelves for bathroom – Glass plates are a useful addition to any bathroom because they are insensitive to moisture, easy to clean and go well with most bathroom designs. Most hardware stores sell glass shelving kits that come with all necessary hardware. You can hang with some simple tools in less than an hour. Hold the shelf against the wall to decide where you would like to place it. Feel good about how the board will look before you go through the trouble of installing the brackets.

Using a level and pencil, draw a bright line on the wall where you want to hang your shelf. To effectively use the level, hold it horizontally against the wall and rotate it slightly until the bubbles are centered in the level. This will ensure that your glass shelves for bathroom are level. Hold the bracket on the wall directly on top of the line you have drawn. The bracket holes for the screws.

Insert the fasteners into the holes. Push the fasteners into the wall until they are flush with the wall. Usually, the hand will be busy enough, but you may need to do the job with a light tap of a hammer. Hold the mounting bracket to the wall, and secure it with the screws provided. Place the glass on the bracket glass shelves for bathroom.

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