How To Build Tree Stump Table

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Teak Tree Stump Table

After cutting a tree in your yard, whether he was sick or old, usually you have left a stump. Stumps can be beautiful wood pieces when you finish. Instead of cutting a tree stump table, you can try to create a bank of it. Cut the stump, using a chainsaw or saw timber if necessary. You need at least 45.72 cm stump to a bank. If the stump is from 15.24 to 30.48 cm wide, cut two pieces to use as bases at each end of the bank.

A stump bench is solid and unique to a stump monstrosity that sits in the middle of the courtyard solution. It levels the stump to place it on a flat, level surface. Use the level ruler and mark a line along the top edge of the tree stump table. Cut the section on the line, and should have a level section stump to base yourself for your bank.

Paint the surface of the tree stump table with outer layers of polyurethane using a brush 7.62 cm. Positioning two wooden planks 1 8 on the two pieces of finished stump. Stump adjusted parts to seat 5.08 to 7.62 cm from the outer edge of the planks. Make a step back and look at the bank to make sure you like the position of the planks and stumps.

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