How To Care Zinc Top Dining Table

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Luxury Zinc Top Dining Table

Zinc top dining table offer a significant advantage for consumers, classic appearance, they are easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria from food. Similar to pewter color, zinc can be polished to retain its shine left or not polished to obtain a blue-toned patina for a more rustic appearance. These differences make considerable zinc a versatile material for a table in a variety of different settings and styles of furniture.

Instructions to care zinc top dining table: clean the table regularly with a mixture of water and soap to maintain their original appearance and proper cleaning. Do not use the table for cutting or trimming under any circumstances because zinc can be easily damaged by vigorous chopping. Use a wood, glass or plastic cutting board clean for the preparation of food.

Avoid putting hot foods on the table. Apply a layer of zinc-safe wax and a clean cloth to your table, if necessary. Polish table zinc shelf about as much as you polish hardwood furniture. However, you may need to polish your zinc top dining table more often if you use the table every day, depending on your desired look.

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