How To Design Antique Drafting Table

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Image Decor Antique Drafting Table

It is important to know that this method requires that we have a color photocopy or laser printing ink, i.e. toner printers. The first step is to choose antique drafting table or transfer and of course, the desired size carrying a poster of that image. If you wish to make an extension click on the following link.   How to make a poster. The bottom photo shows you the picture I used for my last job with this technique.

Step Two:   Below is the image that I have speculated (mirror view) I show you to print, in my case is in black and white.

Step Three: These two steps are done at once, the Alkyd or the like glue is applied on the surface to be antique drafting table to the brush in a thin but covering the entire surface, for very delicate work can add a few drops of water.

Finally tell you that the best page free antique drafting table we can find on the Web is The Fairy Graphics this link you can find over 4000 free models and directly this link directs you to 11 different ways to make transfers on any surface.

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