How To Fold Wooden Stackable Shelves

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Medium Stackable Shelves

Stackable shelves – You may be moving or just rearranging the furniture, but no matter the circumstances you want to protect your hard-earned money, and bend your shelves correctly. Most of these stackable shelves are not too heavy, so they should be able to perform this task on their own, without taking much time. It really does not matter what kind of folding platform you own, operate in much the same way. Instructions to fold wooden stackable shelves.

Remove everything from their shelves. Box above carefully and keep out of the way of the platform. Place cartons aside. Push the top shelf upward until it pops out of the slots. Continue pushing until it folded all the way back to a vertical position. Repeat step stackable shelves 2, working your way to the bottom of the shelving unit.

Fold one side of the platform on the flaps. You should double in the lapels. Support the stand so it will not fall before turning on the opposite side. Times on the opposite side and rack should be folded around the closed road. Wrap the foam wrap around to protect him, and get, or keep it against a flat surface. Reverse steps to “pop” your shelf back up to its original upright position.

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