How To Make A Mirrored Side Table

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Unique Mirrored Side Table

Convert rickety tables or outdated decorative accents to your home with mirror tiles and special glue. Whether you get a table auxiliary low cost in a garage sale or recycles one of your living room, this home project completely transformed the look of a table of wood or metal. Any table design works for this project; make a mirrored side table.

Instructions to make mirrored side table: Lija table metal or wood with fine sandpaper grade and clean the table with a damp cloth. Clean the table with a cleaning metal or wood. Dry test mirror tiles to the surface of the table. Work from the center of the table sideways.

Use Ponte safety glasses. Then mirror tiles cut along the outer edge to fit. To cut mirror tiles, make a cut on the face of the tile mirror. Cut with glass cutter.

Apply caulk mirror to the back of the mirror tiles in a formation of S. Press the tiles on the table, working from the center out. It covers the surface of the table. Repeat the process to cover the side legs of the table or sides of a table cube. Finally, to make mirrored side table, Limpa mirror tiles with acetone.

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