How To Make A Wood Mantel Shelf

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Rustic Wood Mantel Shelf

Wood mantel shelf – A wooden mantle shelf is a perfect addition to any room focal striking fireplace. Not only can handle mantle shelf attractive objects such as paintings or glass, but a well-made and custom-designed cloak could serve as an eye-catching centerpiece without any decoration. The trick to this is the design of a board in which the ends of the plates and the screw heads are hidden in the view. Construction of such a board itself will greatly increase the appeal of your jacket because you just the right board for your size and color of the fireplace.

To make a wood mantel shelf, Cut one inch from the end of the two longer soft wood plates, making their total length is shorter than one inch, the three long hardwood planks.

Set the various hardwoods for wood mantel shelf pieces to visualize the final product together. Place one of the pieces of hardwood, flat on the ground. Insert another on its side, parallel to the first plane but in front of, as this will be the front edge of the shelf. Place the large soft wood board in parallel with the others on the top of the flat board hardwood, recessed in a half-inch of the back surface of the plank, as this sign will be the one in parentheses are to be the racks.Wood mantel shelf,

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