How To Make Tree Stump Side Table

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Unique Tree Stump Side Table

If you’re really stumped by a smart idea to design a unique side table, check with Mother Nature. She is bound to inspire you to design a piece of furniture that is easy to do. You may be able to tree stump side table. Complete the table with a table topper or make your finished side as simple and pure as nature intended.

Instructions to make tree stump side table: examine the trunk of a tree are considering for your coffee table to ensure that no termites, putrefaction or other structural damage. Dry the stump if it is wet or has been exposed to the elements after being cut so that sheds the outer shell that is already lost.

Loosen and remove the rest of the bark. Smooth the wood Use belt sander or sandpaper. Use a level to check both the base and the top at the side table tree stump is not unbalanced. Remove dust and loosened by the sanding process. Finally, to make tree stump side table, place three or more legs to the bottom of the table grunion to add a design element or raise its height. Add a sealant to protect the wood over time.

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