How To Make Tree Trunk Coffee Table

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Modern Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Natural wood is a great way to add a strong and interesting to a number of scenarios for home decor look. You can use a tree trunk to make different furniture such as tree trunk coffee table, mice tables, chairs, stools and other furniture made ​​of wood.

Instructions to make tree trunk coffee table: dry wood plant approximately one year, and make sure free of moisture to ensure stability, and then cut. Spray and kill any insect with pesticides. Cut the tree trunk of an appropriate size using a hand saw or power saw.

Then, sand the upper body until smooth with sandpaper or a sander. Apply a coat of finishing polyurethane to the bottom of the table. Let it dry before applying a new layer. Apply a coat of polyurethane to the top and side of the table. Finally, to make tree trunk coffee table, Let dry polyurethane. It may take a few days depending on the number of layers.

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