How To Measure Granite Table Tops

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Coral Granite Table Tops

The granite table tops add a visually pleasing element to a room. Normally, interior decorators and homeowners granite tables and accent furniture. Granite is a heavy stone, so use it for a large table means it will be difficult to move: making it a great idea to measure to determine if the table set. Measure the size of the table before rearranging the furniture or setting the table in the house ensures that fit in a particular area.

Aligns the end of a tape with the left or right of the granite table tops in section protruding farther edge. Hold the end firmly in place and stretches the tape measure in a straight line across the top to the opposite edge. Make sure the tape measure is flat on the surface. Read the extent that aligns with the edge of the table.

Hold the end firmly in place and stretch in the front of the table in a horizontal position on the surface. Read the tape measure and take note of it. This measurement is the depth of the granite table tops. Aligns the end of the tape with the top edge of the table and spread it down on the floor. Read the extent where the tape touches the floor.

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