How To Tile Recessed Shelves

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Stylish Recessed Shelves

Recessed shelves are an attractive and useful feature in a shower or bathroom. You will simply to use field tiles on the back of the shelf and round tiles, which have a finished edge, at the top and sides. You can tile the bottom of your board with bull nose tiles, or you can place a stone sill on the shelf, which creates a more consistent surface. If you do things like shampoo bottles, on placing a tiled shelf without paying attention, you could be the edge of the object instead of a tile on a grout line and your tank can fall.

Recessed shelves Spread thinnest on the bottom shelf surface and comb it with the edge of a trowel. Place your windowsill stone on the thinnest and press to sink the stone into the adhesive. Place a six-inch level on the stone and tilt the stone until the bubble level just touches the line to the wall.

Spread thinnest on the sides and rear of the submerged recessed shelves. Comb the thinnest with the notched edge of a tile. Place the bottom row of tiles in place, starting at one end and working on the street. Place tile spacers between the panels and between the tiles and the stone sill to leave space for grout. Place the next row of tiles and so on until you get the top of the submerged shelf.

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