Ideal Narrow Console Table Ideas

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Antique Narrow Console Table

Think about how you will use your narrow console table. Because of these are narrow and long. Note use that is given when decorating. Consider design aesthetics of your space. Use console as a way to reflect and increase volume in overall atmosphere of your home. While this is an idea abstract, open to interpretation, you can create a concentrated collection or add bold splashes of color to an otherwise monochrome scheme. For example, a collection of turquoise vases of different sizes and materials, or a large collection of seashells represented artistically, give more visual power on a surface when spread throughout house.

Make table a focal point or anchor room through art. Consider center a large mirror or piece of art above narrow console table to decorate around. Keep largest proportional to table piece. For example, if table has a thin cover glass, iron supports, do not place a frame of mahogany, large, and same thickness. resulting look is too heavy.

Decide layout of narrow console table symmetrically or asymmetrically. A symmetrical design is balanced evenly on both sides such as putting a lamp on each end of table, a large vase of flowers in center and a large mirror centered on wall flanked by two small images.

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