Ideas For Make A Moroccan Shag Rug

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Popular Moroccan Shag Rug Style

Moroccan shag rug are sought after for their comfortable, plush feeling and fun, retro 1970s look. As a cheap, meditative craft project, you can make your own shag carpet yarn or cut-up jeans, clothes or rags. Depending on your taste, you can make a big monochrome carpet or a rug designed in a pattern or shape.

How to make a Moroccan shag rug, cut a blanket -making network to the desired size and shape. And using a utility knife or scissors. And then you can find carpet manufacturing network at craft and fabric stores. A design or color pattern on the web by means of permanent markers. If you plan to make a monochrome carpet, skip this step. Then cut rags in 5-inch – long strips half as wide as each square of carpet netting or cut thick pieces of yarn in 5-inch – long strips. The number of strips needed will vary depending on your specific mesh and netting area. And then for best results, cut about 100 strips to start with and cut more as you need them.

After that to make a Moroccan shag rug, drag a stripe through the eye of a latch hook tool and double fabric over as if you were threading a needle. Before the substance through the top of a blanket netting square. And also around one edge of the square and up through the next square. Using the hook on the latching hook tool to grab the two free ends of the fabric and drag them through the fabric loop to make a tight knot. If you have colored pattern on the web, use strips of fabric that matches the color of their corresponding seats.

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