Making A Vintage Drafting Table

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Wood Vintage Drafting Table

Whether you want an elaborate vintage drafting table that requires the help of a professional or a piece you can easily build yourself, this project is perfect for you. These unusual ideas serve as a conversation and practical months for any room in your home. Search your local flea market or antique stores until you find an old wood stove made of iron. If you cannot find just the background, leads the stove with a blacksmith and asked to separate the kettle from the base and legs.

Sand the rough edges with steel wool. Paint the bottom of the stove in a color that complements the rest of your decor. Another option is to leave it unpainted for an authentic vintage drafting table look. Send to do a piece of glass to the bottom of the stove. Ask the company to cut and bevel glass a piece of 1.27 cm of tempered glass to put on the basis of iron.

Make sure the edges of the glass do not exceed the iron. Draw a line of glue around the edge to avoid cuts or scrapes before putting it above the base of the stove. Nail glue used to adhere the glass to the table base, thus completing vintage drafting table.

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