Making Corner Tempered Glass Shelves

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Tempered Glass Shelves Design

Tempered glass shelves – Glass shelves in one corner are an effective way to make use of the corner space to display three-dimensional illustrations or books. Tempered glass is the best material to use for shelves, as it is much stronger than normal glass. If it breaks, it breaks into small pieces that are not as dangerous as normal glass fragments. Decide on the exact shape and size before ordering the tempered glass shelves to be cut before it is tempered.

Use the measuring tape to determine the exact size you want for the shelves. Measure the distance on every wall from the corner that would like to expand the shelves. Consider what the objects to be stored on shelves and determine which glass thickness should be to provide adequate support. Tempered glass shelves choices are 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch.

Determine the best type of tempered glass shelves to the area where the shelves are installed support. The support comes in plastic, metal or wood that can be screwed to the wall. Some styles are decorative, and some are very utilitarian; consider what will look best with your current decor. Decide exactly to the front edge of the platform. After you have determined the details, order tempered glass shelves.

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