Red Drum Lamp Shade Ideas

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Red Drum Lamp Shade Big

Red drum lamp shade – When it comes to redecorating, even the smallest details make or break the style of a room. But tend to every single feature in a room can quickly add up to excessive costs. With a few common craft supplies and a couple of meters of fabric, you can turn your old red drum lamp shade in decorative original on-the-cheap, and not having to change mounts and fixtures.


Determine the shadow length and circumference with a tape. In a perfect drum or cylinder-shaped shadow, you can measure it right around the middle. In a tapered, funnel-shaped lampshade, measuring the edge of the widest end. Cut the fabric to accommodate the shade. Cut the width of the fabric to exceed the circumference of the shade by about 1 inch.

Find a seam in the existing shadow. Line up the horizontal end of the fabric vertically with the seam, leaving an inch of fabric which overlaps top and bottom of the lampshade. Linda length of fabric around the shade. When the glue is dry, secure the fabric to the seam, fixed pulling the loose end to stretch it smoothly around the red drum lamp shade.

Attach the top and bottom edges. With fabric attached securely around the perimeter of the red drum lamp shade, you should have an inch of fabric pieces top and bottom. Add the desired shape. Allow all glued areas to dry completely, usually within 24 hours, and install lampshade on its corresponding fixture.

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