Reinstall Pull Out Pantry Shelves

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Modern 2015 Pull Out Pantry Shelves

The storage can be a problem for many homeowners, and one of the places where it is most needed but often lack of storage in the kitchen. Instead of buying expensive storage units or take up valuable space with furniture, consider a simple adjustment to the storage space you already have. The pull out pantry shelves by the cut in the wall is a project that most homeowners can be completed in the course of a weekend. This project is an efficient way to add storage space to your kitchen without a complete remodel form.

Empty the pantry of all foods and shelves. If your pull out pantry shelves is built in, remove the screws holding the brackets to the wall with a screwdriver or use the claw end of a hammer if the shelves are nailed in place. Be careful when removing the built-in shelves, if you plan to use them again.  Locate the studs in the rear wall of the pantry a stud finder. Mark the position of these nails in the wall with a pencil.

Draw a template on the wall to outline the shape of the opening to be cut in it. You can choose to open the entire wall to maximize storage space, or you can simply open the middle of the wall. Use a level to maintain its straight lines. Align the tip of a drywall saw one of the horizontal lines drawn in pencil on the wall. Gently tap the handle with your hand to push the saw blade through the drywall. Move the saw on and off slowly drywall to cut along the pencil line.

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Trim all drawn on the wall template. If several nails in the pull out pantry shelves wall, you may have to cut the individual panels of drywall between each pair of adjacent blocks. Once finished, set cuts drywall aside. Use a reciprocating saw to cut through the uprights of the inner wall of the wall opening you just made. Cutting through all but the last 1/2-inch of each stud on the top and bottom of the wall opening. Complete each cut with a handsaw and gently pulls the studs of the wall cut. Measure the distance between the inner edges of the two studs at each end of the wall opening. Use a circular saw to cut two pieces of two mountains – by – four hardwoods for this measurement. You will use these cards to reinforce the wall where the studs are removed.

Insert the two pieces of timber 2 by 4 horizontally in the space between end wall studs. Place a gasket on the bottom of the wall space to lie flat on top of the wooden posts cut. The second board should be placed flat against the studs cut along the top of the wall space. Drive wood screws 3 inches through the horizontal parts 2 – for – 4 wood cutting bolts and bolts range to secure in place. Not only do these boards reinforce the wall, but can also be used to hang your pantry shelves. Reinstall pull out pantry shelves. Set the shelves to the uprights on the side walls of the pantry and use the end studs and horizontal beams support for fixing shelves to the rear wall of the pantry. If you are using prefabricated shelves, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

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