Simple Diy Wire Shelf Dividers

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Black Wire Shelf Dividers

Wire shelf dividers are an economical way to organize your items. Wire shelving is lightweight but sturdy, and can install it yourself. Although wire racks come in standard sizes, cabinets do not. Because of this, probably you have to cut wire racks to mount your closet shelves. When you cut cables, sharp edges will stay on shelves that can snag clothing or cut. There is a simple solution to close exposed sharp tips: Install plugs for this purpose.

Buy vinyl or plastic caps for each cutting wire shelf dividers. Get right size cap to caliber of threads of his bookcase. If possible, buy end caps of same manufacturer as rack shelf. Centers and hardware stores home improvement supplies often wear caps and other grid.

Cut cable off shelf rack with wire cutters or a hacksaw, so cut ends are closer to cabinet wall, if possible. Ideally, you want cut ends so it rests on support on wall. If this is not possible, cut wires enough to make room for end caps between cable and next shelf rack, cabinet door or other structure.

Place a cap on each end of shelf cut off shelf. If there are burrs cutting, file gently with a metal file. Push each plug in each cable, so that wire end fills entire hole in cap. Now your wire shelf dividers are ready to use.

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