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Small Recessed Shower Shelf

Recessed shower shelf come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can accommodate a range of shower products. If you are building a shower from beginning, you have luxury of incorporating a rack design on walls. However, if there is already a shower, you can add a permanent or removable shelf.

A corner recessed shower shelf is a great way to add a small amount of storage without using a lot of space. Corner shelves, however, only work in showers-square or rectangle-shaped because they have corners. You can add corner shelves before or after process of construction and use of a wide range of materials such as glass, ceramic or marble. Corner shelves usually have many products at once, so consider adding two shelves in a corner or shelf in each of two corners of shower.

A shower niche is a square shaped cavity incorporated in wall of shower. You can install a prefabricated niche that is waterproof and rust proof and build rest of shower around, or you can create recessed shower shelf built into wall with same tiles as walls of shower. benefit of adding a niche in your shower is that it presents an opportunity to add a design element and works with any form of shower: curved or square. You can use a different tone than other tiles tiled shower or create a series of niches shelves along one wall of shower.

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